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SKU: Pleated Filter, 50/20 Micron

Pleated Filter, 50/20 Micron

Pleated Filter, 50/20 Micron

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Pleated Filter, 50/20 Micron

Large capacity whole house water filter housing for high flow applications. The number 20 heavy-duty whole house water filter construction can be used for heavy sediment applications. Durable construction. If installed before appliances, the number 20 Big Blue housings extend the life of washing machines, water heaters, and other household appliances by reducing sediment before it reaches the appliances when a sediment filter is used. Ideal for homes, farms, private wells, restaurants, swimming pools, spas, and trickle irrigation. The number 20 Big Blue housing’s pressure release button on the cap allows for release of the whole house water filter pressure in order to more easily unscrew the sump from the cap. Leaking and clogging is prevented by the dynamically sealing, self-cleaning o-ring. Two number 20 Big Blue housings can be connected with a pipe nipple or pipe union. The union will allow for adjustment of the fitting in the event of leakage. Use the NP-10 pipe nipple to connect two number 20 Housings with 1-inch inlet/outlets.


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