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Pentek Radial Flow Cart 93/4

Pentek Radial Flow Cart 93/4

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Pentek Radial Flow Cart 93/4

Cartridge from pressed coconut coal Raifil CBC-10-BP-10 standard 10BB

The cartridge is made of high-quality coconut activated pressed coal. Removes chlorine, its compounds, pesticides, herbicides, organic substances and certain metals (benzene compounds), gases. Improves the taste of water. Suitable for Big Blue 10 main filters, from any manufacturer, usually used as a fine filter just before the water is supplied to the consumer, removes unpleasant odors from the water, and condenses water.

Filter material: Pressed charcoal
Degree of purification: 10 micron
Working pressure: up to 7 atm
Water temperature: up to 38 ° ?
Maximum flow: 100 l / min
Resource: 30000 liters

Purification of chlorine, odors, flavors
Water temperature, ° ? 4 – 35
Cartridge type Coal
Working pressure, bar 2,0 – 5,5
Used for filters BB20
Porosity, ?m 10
Resource, months 3 – 6
Resource, l 30 000
Height, “10
Diameter, “4.5


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