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Pentair water softeners are made in America!

Pentair water softeners offers the highest quality products in water filtration solutions. As you seek to enhance the quality of your water, accept no imitations, and insist on genuine Pentair water softeners parts from trusted dealers. Whether it’s an undersink system or wholehouse water softener, with your true blue Pentair water softeners dealer you can rest assured that their rigorously tested products stand up to Water Quality Association (WQA) and NSF International standards to remove impurities and provide clean, crisp-tasting water every time. For more than 40 years, Pentair water softeners have been the quality choice for water treatment professionals due to their strong, reliable brands and product lines including: GE, Fleck, Pentek, Autotrol, Everpure, Wellmate and more. Pentair water softeners systems offer whole-home and point-of-use applications that work to provide the best, quality water for your home. Aquias water systems specializes in all things Pentair and we are proud to offer their amazing products to Florida water softeners customers.

Pentair Water Softeners Products

AIO 10×54 Iron Filter System. In our opinion, air injection oxidizing filters do the best job at removing iron, sulfur, & manganese concentrations up to 6 ppm. The AIO 10×54 Iron Filter System contains specialized media that changes hydrogen sulfide gas to tiny solid particles of sulfur that are trapped inside the filter. A daily backwash will replenish the supply of air, and backwash any particles from inside the tank. Call us today for the best solutions to eradicate that pesky rotten egg smell and stop the complaints once and for all. AIO 10×54 Iron Filter System is a top rated well water treatment product that functions in iron removal, sulfur removal, manganese removal, is very low maintenance, built for residential whole house well water treatment systems.


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