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We perform high-quality repairs of any model, restore cars with various degrees of damage.

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our Certified Service?

The main advantage of cooperation with the center of car repair is the advantageous value for money.


Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of automotive equipment repair. Each of the masters is a high-level professional. During the repair process, all defects in your car will be corrected.

The Client is Present in the Repair Area

You can monitor the repair process of your car using special cameras, check the quality and progress of our services at any time.

Guarantee for all Types of Work

All works are carried out using modern materials from well-known manufacturers. Therefore, you may not worry about the quality of repair and restoration work.

Work 7 Days
a Week

We work without holidays and weekends. You can sign up for diagnostics or repairs at any time convenient for you.

High-quality Car Restoration

Everything is very easy and simple.
You can send a photo to determine the extent of the damage. To do this, take a photo of your car and send it to an email address. Then you will be informed about the approximate cost and timing of the work.
Expertise Help

Only qualified specialists with extensive experience.

Durable Car Parts

We ensure that any problems are resolved with the quality car parts you use in your work.

Fast Help

We carry out urgent repairs, we can also leave on your call and independently drive the car for repair.

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Your automotive repair and maintenance service specialist

What our Customer Have to Say

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Adam Jordan

21 August, 2020

“Thank you so much! I note Service, and it is Service and an adequate solution to all the issues and problems that have arisen with Auto, as well as humanity. This is the best car repair center I’ve ever visited! ”
Savannah Nguyen

21 August, 2020

“Thank you so much for the quality and responsible work. This is infrequent nowadays.”
Arlene McCoy

21 August, 2020

“I am very pleased with everyone and can recommend Prices are good and super service.”
Jerome Bell

21 August, 2020

“I am very grateful for the identification of a complex problem and, accordingly, high-quality and reliable repairs! Take-hand over the car – without delay, the whole service is at its height. That’s exactly what I missed so much! ”
Darrell Steward

21 August, 2020

“I would like to thank the employees for their quality work, I have been serving with them for two years. I was changing the engine cushion. At first I changed on another service to non-original… but as a result, the vibrations on the steering wheel and body did not decrease, and at first even intensified. Now put the original and the attentive master noticed that one bolt would not reach there – I was very pleased with the work.”

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