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SKU: UV602806

Trojan Replacement UV Lamp model UVMax 28E

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Trojan Replacement UV Lamp model UVMax 28E

Trojan Replacement UV Lamp model UVMax 28E Product Description

The Trojan UV Max 602805 uv lamp is compatable with a variety of Trojan Ultraviolet systems. Our compatible 602805 uv lamp will work with the UV Max CC4D, and D4 systems. Ultraviolet bulbs should be changed every 9000 hours (1 Year) to keep uv light intensity high enough to treat contaminants. By buying our compatible ultraviolet lamp v.s. the manufacturers brand, you are saving money without sacrificing any quality or uv lamp performance. UV water treatment devices can be used for well water and surface water disinfection. UV treatment compares favorably with other water disinfection systems in terms of lower cost.  UV dose cannot be measured directly but can be inferred based on the known or estimated inputs to the process:

  • Flow rate (contact time)
  • Transmittance (light reaching the target)
  • Turbidity (cloudiness)
  • Lamp age or fouling or outages (reduction in UV intensity)

What systems does this UV bulb fit?

UV Max C, UV Max C4, UVMAX C4-V, UV Max C4 Plus

UV Max D, UV Max D4, UVMAX D4-V, UV Max D4 Plus

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