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Thomas Flow Switch Control 2 PreWired


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Thomas Products provides the highest quality flow switches the industry has to offer and all of their flow switches are manufactured in house and stocked for immediate delivery, however if you are looking for an item and you don’t see it please call us for help 1-888-929-9907.


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Thomas Flow Switch Control 2 PreWired

This is the same as the original 45325-A except it has been improved with a patent pending spoked orifice that creates laminar flow to increase set point accuracy and enhance self cleaning. Thomas Products was incorporated the company in the summer of 1974, originally to manufacture titanium jet engine turbine blades. They invented, and perfected, a way to weld them inside of a proprietary argon atmosphere to reduce hydrogen embrittlement. Since then Thomas Products Ltd. has grown into the worldwide premier manufacturer of level and flow sensors. Pre-wired flow switches come with a cord and a plug. You plug the flow switch into a wall socket. Then you plug a metering pump or other device into the flow switch, which has its own receptacle. When there is flow the receptacle energizes and turns on the pump etc. The non pre-wired ones, requires wiring.

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Thomas Flow Switch Control 2 PreWired Specifications

Flow Switch 2000
Manufacturer : Thomas Products LTD.
Model Number : Model 1801
Type : Pump Control
Special Features : Clean-In-Place
Housing : PVC
Process Connection : 1″ Slip Socket
UL Listed : YES, File No. E86797
Flow Set Point : 0.5 GPM Increasing Flow
Set Point Accuracy : +/- 20% Max
Set Point Differential : 20% Max
Mounting Attitude : Suggested: Inlet port down, lead wires up, set point may change otherwise
Pump Control Logic :
Energized @ Flow
Wetted Materials : PVC, SST, Viton “A”, Cerramic Ferrite
Pressure Range : -14.7 to 150 PSIG
Temperature Range : -20°F to + 122°F
“O” Ring : Viton “A”
Spring : SST
Shuttle : PVC
Bonnet : PVC

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