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Sterilight 110130v/ 5060 Hz. Ballast

Sterilight 110130v/ 5060 Hz. Ballast

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Sterilight 110130v/ 5060 Hz. Ballast

Ballast For Sterilight 110-130v. / 50-60 Hz.

The Viqua BA-ICE-CL replacement ballast is used in Viqua and Sterilight UV Systems. This electronic ballast fires low-pressure high-output lamps only. The ballast was designed to have a water-tight case and allows the operator to monitor the system’s condition through its 4 segment LED display. The BA-ICE-CL is the replacement ballast for the Viqua VH200 and VH410, as well as, Sterilight SC-200 and SC-320. The power cord for this controller is sold separately.

  • Visual Power Indicator
  • Audible Lamp Failure Alert
  • Lamp Replacement Reminder
  • Visual Lamp Life Remaining
  • Total Running Time Displayed


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