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SKU: Stenner 15 Gallon UV Gray Tank

Stenner 15 Gallon UV Gray Tank

Stenner 15 Gallon UV Gray Tank

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Stenner 15 Gallon UV Gray Tank

15 Gallon solution tank made to have a chlorine pump mount on top.
Color Almond ( or Natural ).
Note: This color tank is translucent enough to see the chlorine solution level in the tank from the outside.
Dimensions: 14-1/2″ x 24″.
Comes with black lid.

Stenner solution tanks are offered in three sizes and two colors. The polyethylene construction is both lightweight and rugged. The solution tanks have incremental level indicators and are equipped with a child resistant lid. The tank is designed to vertically mount the Stenner pump over the tank’s containment basin. The Mixer is designed to fit the Stenner tank or tank system and is utilized when injecting solutions that are difficult to keep in suspension. Additional parts are not needed when purchasing a tank for an existing Classic single head adjustable or single head fixed, SVP or M128 pump. If selecting a tank for an existing Econ FP, Econ T or Stennicator, a mounting kit is required, part number EC303. The same mounting kit can be used to attach an Econ pump to a wall. A Stenner single head pump is installed on the tank with the pump head positioned away from or below the pump body.


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