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SKU: Stenner 1/4 Ferrules (24-Pk)

Stenner 1/4 Ferrules (24-Pk)

Stenner 1/4 Ferrules (24-Pk)

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Stenner 1/4″ Ferrules (24-Pack)

Connections, For Use With Grainger Item Number 4NA11, 4NA12, 4NA13, 4NA14, 4NA15, 4NA16, 4VZG1, 4VZG2, 4VZG3, 4VZG4, 4VZG5, 4VZG6, 4VZG7, For Use With Mfr. Model Number 85MJH1A1STG1, 85MJH2A1STG1, 85MJH7A1STG1, 45MJL5A1STG1, 85MJL5A1STG1, 170JL5A1STG1, 45MFH1A1SUG1, 85MFH1A1SUG1, 45MFH2A1SUG1, 85MFH2A1SUG1, 85MFH7A1SUG1, 45MFL5A1SUG1, 85MFL5A1SUG1, Fits Brand StennerPackage Quantity 24


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