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Sea Tech Union Elbow 3/4 Copper Tube buy

Sea Tech Union Elbow 3/4 Copper Tube buy

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Sea Tech Union Elbow 3/4 Copper Tube Size

SeaTech fittings are formulated and manufactured in ½” Copper Tubing Sizes (CTS) (5/8″ O.D.), ¾” trouble free for many years of service life.

The 35 Series products are designed and manufactured in Polysulfone, a high performance thermal plastic material. All 35 Series products are approved and certified to NSF-61, NSF-14, CSA B137.5, ASTM F877, and to the Uniform Plumbing Code (U.P. Code).

These fittings are available in standard and imperial sizes.

The SeaTech quick connect design allows for quick and easy connections without installation tools. Simply cut the Plastic, Copper, or CPVC piping and snap a SeaTech fitting in place for a zero leak connection.


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