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Pura UV Addon-1 Stainless Steel UV Water Sterilizer

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Pura UV Addon-1 Stainless Steel UV Water Sterilizer

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PURA UV Addon-1 Stainless Steel UV Water Sterilizer 1 GPM 110 Volt. Pura Addon-1 15510100 1 gpm Ultraviolet UV Water Sterilizer System Features: 115 Volt OptionThe Pura UV Addon 1 Series is designed to be used as a post water sterilizer and purifier for reverse osmosis or other undersink drinking water system. It can be used in both home or office water purification and sterilizer applications. The Add-On 1 gpm is a compact easily installed system that is trouble free and easy to service. The Addon 1 is incredibly easy to add to your new or existing filtration system. It has 3/8 quick connect fittings built in to the head so all you need to do is cut the tubing after your final filter and connect it to the inlet and outlet of the UV system. Installing the Addon 1 after your reverse osmosis system is a great idea. Even though reverse osmosis removes nearly all contaminants from your water it is possible to develop bacteria in the storage tank. The Addon-1 will give you the added peace of mind that you are drinking the purest water possible. Easy installation and lamp changes For 1 GPM drinking water purification Disinfection Kill Rate: 99.9% Additional use with RO and reticulation systems holding tanks water dispensers etc 304 grade stainless steel body w/hard glass lamp and quartz Includes 3/8 John Guest quick connect fittings on the inlet/outlet Includes heavy duty mounting bracket Fits standard 2 RO mounting clips 15510100 (115V/60Hz with American plug).


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