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Pro Rust Out 5 Lb.

Pro Rust Out 5 Lb.

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Pro Rust Out 5 Lb.

This is the correct way to feed res care into your water softener resin. The Res Care feeder sits inside your brine tank on the cylindrical brine well. The wick goes down into the brine well.

Fill the feeder to the upper fill line with res care. The feeder will drip feed res care continuously into your water softener brine well.

This assures you get res care in every regeneration your water softener makes, keeping your water softening resin in good shape.

Optional 0.5 oz (yellow tube) or 1.0 oz (clear tube) wick determines daily dosage of res care put into the brine well. For high iron or softeners regenerating frequently use 1 oz. feeder, for city water use 0.5 oz feeder.


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