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SKU: Poly Tank, 42x72 Almond, 6" Top & Btm Fl

Poly Tank, 42×72 Almond, 6″ Top & Btm Fl

Poly Tank, 42×72 Almond, 6″ Top & Btm Fl

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Poly Tank 42″ x 72″ Almond, 6″ Top and Bottom Flange, Tripod Base

Wave Cyber Industrial FRP Tank is now available from 30?through 63?in diameter, which is suitable for industrial filtration and soften.
Wave Cyber industrial FRP Tank is made from high performance composite material-the HDPE Liner and Fiberglass wrapped surface. The material of threaded opening is pp combined with glass/fiber,the liner is by non-gap moulding technology, increase the intensity, heat resistant and pressure resistant of the tank.
1)      diameter 30?through 36?,8UN top opening and top-bottom opening
2)      diameter 30?through 36?,6?-Flange top opening
3)      diameter 30?through 48?, 6?-Flange top-bottom opening
4)      diameter 63?, 6?-Flange top-bottom opening
All industrial FRP Tanks are approved by NSF,PED and KTW.


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