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Pentek T & O Cart 93/4 Big Blue

Pentek T & O Cart 93/4 Big Blue

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Pentek Taste and Odor Cartridge 9-3/4 Big Blue

The Pentek GAC-SF is a silver impregnated granular activated carbon cartridge that removes solids, organics and chlorine, reduces taste and odour, as well as preventing the growth of bacteria.

The design, with flows from bottom to top ensures a long contact time,allowing for maximum adsorption and treatment.

Using a clean, acid washed bituminous carbon with a large mesh size, this granular range is primarily a chlorine, taste and odour reduction cartridge with the advantageof a coarse 20 micron pre and post-filter pad to retain carbon fines that is not susceptible to blockage if high particulate is present.

Pentek GAC-10 10″x2.5″ Granular Activated Carbon Taste and Odor cartridge # 155109. Excellent 10 inch Taste and Odor reduction cartridge that can also remove Sulfur / Hydrogen sulfide / Rotten egg smell. Water Filter Compatible With Culligan, Ametek, US Filter, Plymouth, Kleen Plus, American Plumber, Bruner and Many Other Brands. Excellent Taste and Odor reduction cartridge that can also remove sulfur / hydrogen sulfide / rotten egg smell.

GAC-10 Blue Water Filter Cartridge for Taste and Ordor removal, granulated activated carbon. 155109-43.

Pentek Ametek 155109 GAC GAC-BBS cartridge effectively removes bad taste, reduces odor and chlorine from drinking water. They are designed for maximum contact between water and carbon media. The narrowing end helps prevent channeling. As water passes through the filter, it passes through a 20 micron pad to prevent carbon particles from leaking into your filtered drinking water.
Filter size: 9 3/4″ x 2 7/8″
Micron Rating: 20 nominal
Temparature Range: 40-125°F (4.4 – 51.7°C)
Fits following Brands: PENTEK, Cuno, Filterite, Keystone, U.S. Water ( US Water ), Water Resources and most Harmsco filter housings. Compatible with Culligan, Ametek, US Filter, Plymouth, Kleen Plus, American Plumber, Bruner. Also compatible with Sears Kenmore Ultrafilter cartridge 34372, models 625.343800, 625.343820.
NSF certified component Standard 42


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