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SKU: DGD250120BB

Pentek Dual Grad Polyprop. 1 Mic10 gpm

Pentek Dual Grad Polyprop. 1 Mic10 gpm

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Pentek Dual Grad Polyprop. 1 Mic10 gpm

Pentek Dual Gradiant Polypropylene 1 Micron 10 Gallons Per Minute

The Pentair Pentek DGD-7525-20 is a 20″ dual grade poly sediment filter made of pure polypropylene and is rated to filter up to 25 microns. The Pentair DGD-5005 is built for Pentair’s 20″ Big Blue Filter Housings and will fit any 10″ ‘Big Blue’ style filter housings. The Pentair Pentek DGD Series Sediment Filters feature high dirt-holding capacity compared to similar size sediment filters. This filter will reduce sediment particles as small as 25 microns without imparting taste, odor, or color to your water and is chemically and bacterially resistant due to its polypropylene construction.


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