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Pentek Carbon Block Cart 93/4

Pentek Carbon Block Cart 93/4

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Pentek Carbon Block Cartridge 9-3/4

Pentek CC-10 # 155155 GAC Carbon Replacement Water Filter CC10 Compatible With Culligan / Ametek / US Filter / Plymouth / Kleen Plus / American Plumber / Bruner and Many Other Brands. Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter. 9 3/4″ long X 2 7/8″ diameter. 12 per case, sold individually. Ametek # 155155 CC Series granular activated carbon cartridges are an excellent choice to reduce unwanted taste, odor, chlorine and certain VOC’s from potable drinking water. They contain coconut shell based activated carbon, which produces drinking water of exceptional taste and quality and provides better VOC reduction than standard GAC cartridges.

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