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SKU: Min Tnk, 9x48 Grey Polyglass

Min Tnk, 9×48 Grey Polyglass

Min Tnk, 9×48 Grey Polyglass

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Mineral Tank 9″ x 48″ Grey Polyglass

The highest quality pressure vessel for residential and light commercial water softener/filtration applications. Structural Poly Glass pressure vessels provide years of reliable service for water softener and water filtration applications. These slim-diameter tanks hold up to 49 gallons of water and offer unmatched strength and chemical resistance.  All Poly Glass residential tanks are backed by an exclusive 10-year warranty.  Structural’s patented manufacturing process creates a seamless polyethylene shell that is wound continuously with miles of fiberglass reinforcements and sealed with epoxy resin. Computer-aided winding machines and other customized equipment are used to create a product that offers outstanding performance and durability.  Structural pressure vessels provide cost-effective solutions for the most challenging applications. Using the latest technologies, Structural critically evaluates every design detail to ensure their products meet or exceed ISO, AMSE, NSF, & other agency standards.


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