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Membrane Hsng 21/2×21

Membrane Hsng 21/2×21

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Membrane Hsng 21/2×21

We carry Champ PVC Membrane Housings from Axeon.  These membrane housings are 4″ x 40″ Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing PVC-4040-1.

Some of the features on these commercial membrane housings are a convenient side port entry.  They come with an easy removable cap to make maintenance and installation a breeze.  It’s a patented design and it’s incredibly cost effective.  They come complete for quick and easy installation and the materials used are NSF approved material for housing and O-rings.  They’re easy to install and there are no tools necessary for assembly which helps save assembly time and fittings.  Never worry about leaking because there are double O-Ring permeate seals

These membrane housings accommodates female flush cut elements.


Maximum Operating Pressure:  225 PSI

Maximum Operating Temperature:  110 Degrees F

Minimum Operating Temperature:  35 Degrees F


  • A – 45″
  • B – 40″
  • C – 6″

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