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Mediaguard 4 Cart Less Adapter & Media

Mediaguard 4 Cart Less Adapter & Media

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Mediaguard 4 Cartridge Less Adapter and Media

The MediaGuard Cartridge System provides for high-performance filtration in water softeners. Utilize KDF-55 in the MediaGuard System for reduction of chlorine and heavy metals. For reduction of hydrogen sulfide and/or iron-laden water, use KDF-85 in the cartridge system. As a rule-of-thumb, choose the 4-cartridge system with KDF-55 for city water applications and the 6-cartridge system with KDF-85 for well-water applications. One drum of KDF will fill twelve 4-cartridge systems or eight 6-cartridge systems. Use the Accessory Kit to fill cartridge systems. These systems are for downflow use only.  Complete cartridge systems include either KDF-55 or KDF-85 installed in a 4-cartridge system and a Canpro adapter.


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