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SKU: FL12404

IRC Timer Motor 110v 60hz

IRC Timer Motor 110v 60hz

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IRC Timer Motor 110 Volt 60hz

Direct replacement timer/drive motor for Fleck water treatment control valves.   Timer motor is 24V/60HZ, 1/30th RPM, 3w, with a clockwise (“CW”) rotation, and blue electrical wire leads.

Used as a timer/drive motor on Fleck 5600 and 4650 control valves.

Used in the 3200 series timer assemblies in the following Fleck control valves:  2500, 2510, 2750, 2850, 2850S, 2900, 2900S, 3150, and 3900.

Special Note – The electrical wire leads for this timer motor are blue and indicate that it is the motor is 24 volt. Please pay close attention to the color of the wire leads.  If the motor has black wire leads it likely to be a 120v version timer motor.  The 24v motor is coupled with a step-down transformer power source.


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