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Honeywell Sfty Drain Ftg

Honeywell Sfty Drain Ftg

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Honeywell Sfty Drain Ftg

Solution Integration — Multiple solutions come together to provide both time savings and materials cost savings
Three Test Ports — Located on the inlet, middle, and outlet chambers of the double check backflow preventer
Innovative Features — Such as fast fill technology with inlet pressure balancing
Easy Service & Cleaning — Removable and replaceable cartridges simplify contractor workload
Top-Notch Protection — Keep particles and sediment away from equipment with the integrated strainer
Protects Home Equipment — Maintains constant pressure to prevent pipe and application damage
Continuous Filtering — 50-micron screen ensures continuous supply of filtered water, reducing sediment buildup and improving water purity
Easy Installation — Internal and external threading works for both single-union and double-union configurations, and the built-in adjustment dial eliminates the need for a gauge when setting static pressure
Application Flexibility — Suitable for household, light commercial, industrial and turf-and irrigation applications
Built To Last — Non-corrosive unitized cartridge contains all working parts and is easily replaceable
Recurring Revenue — Customers will come back for replacement filters and cartridges


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