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GE Autotrol 263/740 Carbon Filter

GE Autotrol 263/740 Carbon Filter

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  • GE Autotrol 263/740 Carbon Filter
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  • GE Autotrol 263/740 Carbon Filter Benefits & Options
  • Autotrol 263/740 can be used as a softener or filter valve.
    Performa means performance large 1″ ports for high-flow applications.
    Valve quickly changes from softener to filter application in three easy steps.
    Designed with fewer service parts than any valve of comparable function – longer life, shorter service calls.
    Bypass attachment makes maintenance exceptionally fast.
    Your specific choice of water treatment medias can be purchased separately.
    Filter or softener control valves
    Fiber-reinforced polymer bypass valve
    Plumbing connections in .75″-1.25″ NPT, BSP, and sweat
    Internal Autotrol turbine
    Variable reserve for increased efficiency
    Auxiliary switch kits
    Timer wall mount kits

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