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SKU: FL60112

Fleck Piston Assm TwinFlo 100

Fleck Piston Assm TwinFlo 100

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Fleck Piston Assm TwinFlo 100

Product Information

  • Maintain your water softener’s filter with this Fleck filter seal kit. This kit is made for size 5600 valves and works on a variety of water softener systems. The seal helps prevent water leaks from the filter while the water softener cycles. The filters are made out of black plastic, and the kit includes the spacers and seals. The seals are lubricated with a small amount of silicone grease for ease of installation.
  • The 5800 Series of Pentair Fleck valves provide a common solution for a wide variety of filtration and softening applications. Developed on the same platform as the 5800, the 5810 and 5812 valves offer flexibility with a familiar appearance, while reducing carrying costs.
  • The kit comprises of:
    24067 – 1 x Piston assembly
    28415 – 1 x Seal and spacer kit, upper
    26673 – 1 x Brine valve 1650 assembly kit
    10229 – 1 x Injector assembly cover gasket
    23304 – 1 x injector body gasket
    13305 – 4 x Coupling o-ring
    18303-01 – 1 x Tank o-ring
    13304 – 1 x Riser tube o-ring



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