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Fleck Motor Bracket Aux Switch

Fleck Motor Bracket Aux Switch

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Fleck Motor Bracket Aux Switch

Switch Assembly,( PN 60320-07), for Fleck Valves 1500, 2500, 2510, 2750, 2850, 3900 & 7000 Aux w/ Self Tapping Screws
Also called “lock out” or “lockout” switches, used to prevent other valves or an RO unit from getting power ( running ) while the valve is in regeneration / backwash.( 1 ) 10218 switch, ( 1 ) insulator, ( 2 ) self tapping screws

NOTE: This is for Models prior to 2013 models that use different drive motor configurations ( referenced as the SPG drive motors ). The newer models require Switch Kit 60320-12.


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