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Fleck Meter Cable Turbine/SE

Fleck Meter Cable Turbine/SE

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 Fleck Meter Cable Turbine/SE

Meter Cable for Paddlewheel MeterReplaces cables that are no longer sending signals from the meter to the controller on all the SE/SXT models using a 3/4-inch paddlewheel meter. Standard LengthCable is 18 inches long. Extendend cable that is 35 inches long is available, part #19121-08. Flow meter cable for meter assembly 60086-50 (sold separately) used on Fleck 2510SXT and 5600SXT walves as well as other valves using a digital 3/4-inch paddlewheel meter. Issues where the system will not count down but the paddlewheel spins freely may be fixed my replacing the meter cable.


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