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SKU: FL60086

Fleck 5600 Meter 3/4 Std Range

Fleck 5600 Meter 3/4 Std Range

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Adapter Assy 2nd Tank 9100 – 14865
This is the part that screws onto the 2nd Tank used with 9100 valve.
The Distributor Adapter ( 61419 ) is sold separately.
Assembly is marked # 7 in diagram.


  • User friendly simple mechanical design
  • Injector/drain modules containing the brine valve, ?ow controls, and injector are removable from the valve’s exterior
  • Ruggedly-built timer is designed with heavy-duty ?” wide plastic gears
  • Non-corrosive, UV-resistant, ?ber-reinforced polymer valve body
  • Economical – small power consuMPTion; kEEps the time & activates the piston/valve mechanics with a single motor


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