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SKU: FL61540

Fleck 2900S Piston Dwnflw Single Cstg

Fleck 2900S Piston Dwnflw Single Cstg

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Fleck Piston 2900S Upper Downflow Single Body Casting

This assembly consists of: 1 – Piston 15168, 1 – Retainer 14309, 1 – Rod 14452, 1 – Seal Quad Ring 10209, 1 – Seal (End Plug) 40078, 1 – End Plug 10598, 1 – Link Pin 10909.

This piston assembly is compatible with both Standard and Filter valve configurations, as well as SE/SXT formats.

2700, 2750, 2900 Main Piston Assembly for Higher Flow rates common for applications that use the 2700, 2750, or 2900 Fleck Model Valves.
Part Number for Assembly is 60090-HF, this part comes complete with seal o-ring end plug PN 40078, old part number 10234, and quad o-ring ( 10209 ).The standard 60090 Piston Assembly can be used for most residential applications.
If your backwash rate requirements are higher than 7 gpm, or your service flow rates are higher than 12 gpm, you need to use the 60090-HF version, or performance may suffer.

Note: We do not sell the “piston” portion ( piston, 2750 = 14451 ) separately. Only in this Assembly ( 60090-HF ).


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