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SKU: Filtration Tank Adaptor, 2.5\"

Filtration Tank Adaptor, 2.5″

Filtration Tank Adaptor, 2.5″

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Filtration Tank Adaptor, 2.5″

2.5? Tank adapter is used to connect an additional filter housing to the control valve. It can also be installed on the aeration filter as the tip.

Provides connection for Tank Filling or emptying applications. Allowing for the insertion of a solid plastic or Copper pipe through the wall of the tank.
Typical applications: Conveyance of fluids or conveyance of granular materials.
Maximum working pressure: 10 Bar (140 psi) at 20 degrees C
Maximum working temperature: 80 degrees C
Comprising Body, Internal seal, External seal and Lock Nut with BSP thread


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