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Filtersorb Salt Free Water Softener System 10 inch


Filtersorb SP Filter Media, Mineral tank with flow thru in/out head, Bypass, 1″ NPT PVC -plumbing adapters. OPTIONAL PRE-FILTER SYSTEMS-1″ x 10″ “Big Blue“ housing with GAC pre-filter with mounting bracket.

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No TDS change: As FILTERSORB® SP3 , does not take out or give in anything in the water. As no ion-exchange chemistry is used the TDS of the water remains unchanged before and after the treatment. No pH change: pH of the water remains same. This factor makes the treated water suitable for almost any use where corrosion is concerned.  FILTERSORB® SP3 does not add up sodium or any chemicals in the water. It simply preserves the Calcium and Magnesium contents of water. ® SP3 prevents scale formation in water channels, but it also helps to reduce the previously formed scales. The NAC process takes out water dissolved CO2 in almost-visible micro-bubbles forms that helps reducing previously formed scale over a period of time (depends on the usage period).

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