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Faucet 1/4 Long Reach Brushed Chrome

Faucet 1/4″ Long Reach Brushed Chrome

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Faucet 1/4″ Long Reach Brushed Chrome

Long-reach reverse osmosis faucet available in a variety of finishes. 7/16″ hole required for installation. Non Air-Gap design. A reliable, economical faucet for reverse osmosis installationsOur long-reach reverse osmosis faucets are designed for any kind of under-the-sink filter system. They are machined from solid brass bar, hand-polished and finished in a variety of styles. A corrosion-resistant ABS tip is added to the spout to prevent damage to the finish. This classic design has become the industry standard for reverse osmosis drinking water systems. The unbreakable celcon handle has been engineered for smooth operation. You’ll feel the difference. A 7/16″ hole is required for installation.the spout to prevent damage to the finish.


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