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SKU: D0705ME

Drain M Elbow 3/4×1/2

Drain M Elbow 3/4×1/2

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Drain M Elbow 3/4×1/2

1-1/4″ CTS CPVC 90 Degree Elbow is suitable for hot and cold water systems. This CTS (Copper Tube Size) CPVC elbow is non-toxic and NSF Certified lead free.
Size: 1-1/4″
Sizing System: Copper Tube Size
End Type: Socket x Socket
Material: CTS CPVC
Brand: Spears EverTUFF
Max Temperature Rating: 180 F
Max Pressure Rating: 100 PSI @ 180F
Testing/ Standards: NSF International, ASTM D 2846 under NSF Standard 14 and for use in potable(drinking) water service under NSF Standard 61.


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