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SKU: COY2301

Coyote Pmp Protect 1/32 Hp 230v 1 Phs

Coyote Pmp Protect 1/32 Hp 230v 1 Phs

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Coyote Pump Protector 1/3-2 Hp 230 Volt 1 Phase

Basic coyotes protect pumps and motors from running dry and from low voltage.  They trip in a fraction of a second on sensing a lack of fluid and restart the pump at any interval dialed on the timer from 5 minutes to 5 hours.  Sensitivity to running dry is adjustable and set at installation by dialing a knob until an LED is lit.  Voltage trips both off and on are automatic and instantaneous.  The low voltage trips and resets are 190v and 202v for the 230v model.  The enclosure is weatherproof.


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