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Chem Tech Bleed Vlv

Chem Tech Bleed Vlv

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Chem Tech Bleed Valve

Pulsafeeder CHEM-TECH Prime Performance Series chemical metering pumps are positive displacement, diaphragm type pumps built in head degassing. The Chem-Tech Prime Performance Series pumps have a specially designed degassing valve system for applications using off-gassing chemicals like sodium hypochlorite. A top-mounted, one-way vent valve assembly evacuates gas bubbles from the pump head, providing for reliable operation. Output volume is adjustable while pumps are in operation from zero to maximum capacity. CHEM-TECH Prime Performance Series pumps with motorized-diaphragm technology deliver dependable performance and extended longevity. The Prime Performance Series provides quiet, consistent metering over long periods of time in a compact form.


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