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Chem Tech Back Ck. Vlv

Chem Tech Back Ck. Vlv

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Chem Tech Back Check Valve

Back Check valve 1/2″ tubing connection and 1/2″ standard pipe thread.

Chem-Tech injection valves are designed to allow passage of chemical or water from the feed line into the process line. These valves are equipped with a check valve, which helps prevent the backflow of water or chemical to the injection line or the feed line. Thus, the check valve helps separate two liquids at the mating surface.

Key Features

  •          Robust construction
  •          Integrated check valve
  •          Available in a broad range of wetted materials
  •          Connection options include socket and threaded
  •          Quick disconnect for easy servicing
  •          Various hose connection options
  •          Available in different quill lengths and tip configurations

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