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SKU: Centaur Carbon 20x50 Mesh 225# Drum

Centaur Carbon 20×50 Mesh 225# Drum

Centaur Carbon 20×50 Mesh 225# Drum

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Centaur Carbon 20 x 50 Mesh 225 lb. Drum

CENTAUR-CS 12×40 removes both chloramine and hydrogen sulphide from potable water. Centaur is outstanding in Voc removal, taste and odor control and in operating efficiency when compared with traditional activated carbons.   Standard Centaur is a coal based catalytic carbon, this Centaur is entirely coconut shell carbon  and is processed the same as the original giving it the same properties. The coconut shell variety as with all coconut shell carbon doesn’t have the same capacity as the original, but it does give an economical option.


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