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SKU: Autotrol Trip Assembly, 6 Or 7 Day

Autotrol Trip Assembly, 6 Or 7 Day

Autotrol Trip Assembly, 6 Or 7 Day

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Autotrol Trip Assembly 6 or 7 Day

64 000 grain capacity microprocessor based metered water softener. The WS1LM is equipped with the just released Logix controller. This system uses the advanced Autotrol 255 valve (3/4″ connections standard) with a model 762 microprocessor metered (demand) control. The Logix is a fully programmable metered control that features an 8 hour power back-up that maintains time settings during a power outage. The system also incorporates non-volatile memory to preserve programmed settings. The softener can be “fine-tuned” for operation in any of three modes; high capacity standard efficiency or high efficiency (low salt consumption). The WS1LM offers some of the most advanced features available in water softener controls today!


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