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SKU: Autotrol Transformer

Autotrol Transformer

Autotrol Transformer

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Autotrol Transformer

Outdoor Rated Transformer 120VAC/60Hz to 12VAC/60Hz/500mA used with many Autotrol valves in the U.S.A. PN 1235448 ( Newer PN 44156 ). Please NOTE: The older versions were only rated for 150mA, and the newer versions are strong ( more durable ) at up to 500mA.
Has grounded power cord to connect transformer to outlet, and a separate twin lead set of wires that connect to Timer Assembly. * Power Cord is 24 inches ( 2 ft. ), then transformer, and the wires with 12 volt plug is 25 Feet long. Used with the 440i low voltage and 460i electronic timers ( and a few other timers – include older 960 and newer 740 and 760 Logix ).  Plugs into a small jack located on the Timer.


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