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SKU: Autotrol Tank Adapter

Autotrol Tank Adapter

Autotrol Tank Adapter

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Autotrol Tank Adapter

64 000 grain capacity microprocessor based metered water softener. The WS1LM is equipped with the just released Logix controller. This system uses the advanced Autotrol 255 valve (3/4″ connections standard) with a model 762 microprocessor metered (demand) control. The Logix is a fully programmable metered control that features an 8 hour power back-up that maintains time settings during a power outage. The system also incorporates non-volatile memory to preserve programmed settings for up to 99 years. The softener can be “fine-tuned” for operation in any of three modes; high capacity standard efficiency or high efficiency (low salt consumption). The WS1LM offers some of the most advanced features available in water softener controls today!


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