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SKU: Autotrol Noryl Mnfld,3/4

Autotrol Noryl Mnfld,3/4

Autotrol Noryl Mnfld,3/4

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Autotrol Noryl Manifold 3/4″

Autotrol 255 Valve with 460i 6-Day Time Clock Controller with Extra Salt and Long Rinse Cam.  Complete 460TC ( 4001086 ) 60 Hz ( timer clock NOT metered ) And Includes 12 volt AC transformer. Uses Electronic 7 Day programmed timer ( will regenerate on the DAYS you SET instructions included ). The 460TC replaces all previous 440 440i 1040778 Timer Assemblies. Fits on older Autotrol 150 155 160 163 168 Valves and newer 255 263 and 268 Valves that have 440 440i 440iHV or 460i timers now.


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