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SKU: Autotrol Bearing, Camshaft

Autotrol Bearing, Camshaft

Autotrol Bearing, Camshaft

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Autotrol Bearing Camshaft

Camshaft used for Autotrol 155 & 255 water softener control valves.
Newest part # 1031950, Standard One-Piece.
The length of all 155 and 255 camshafts are 6 inches ( not including the “tips” that engage the timer and rear bearing ).

NOTE: Many older systems used a White Segmented Camshaft. This one-piece black is the replacement if your valve is used on a water softener.
It has the number 155C174 in small raised lettering on it.

Iron filter and Backwash only Camshafts are modified versions of this.
To make Backwash Only:
Cut off the two “lobes” of the # 1 Cam ( Brine Cam ).
This would eliminate the Suction ( brine rinse ) and Refill cycles, since the # 1 Valve Disc would never be opened.


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