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SKU: ANT-1.5-100-BOX

Anthracite (.85-.95mm) 1 Cubic Foot UPS Box

Anthracite (.85-.95mm) 1 Cubic Foot UPS Box

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Anthracite (.85-.95mm) 1 Cubic Foot UPS Box

Anthracite coal is a form of coal that is almost made entirely of carbon. Anthracite coal is much harder than other forms of coal such as bituminous, and is usually found in areas surrounding mountains or deep valleys. Anthracite burns much cleaner than other forms of coal due to its low pollutant content. In fact, anthracite may contain 91% to 98% pure carbon, leaving only 2% to 9% of other elements. Anthracite coal is difficult to ignite and burns with a blue, smokeless flame.  Anthracite coal is a metamorphic rock and is found in areas where the Earth has had large amounts of movement and compression over long periods of time, such as mountain ranges. For example, most of the anthracite coal mined in the United States comes from the Appalachian Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Anthracite coal can also be found at volcano ridges and sometimes in areas where large earthquakes are common.


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