How to remove rust from Tampa well water?

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How to remove rust stains from Tampa water?

Frequently asked questions about AIO systems by Pentair which are a great way to reduce heavy rust in water using control valves that use the air injection oxidation method

Pentair Fleck AIO Valves

Q: Is the Fleck AIO Valve made in the USA?A: Yes, it is manufactured in the USA of foreign & domestic parts.
Q: Does a system with the Fleck AIO Valve get installed before or after the softener? A: The system with the Fleck AIO Valve should be installed before the softener. This ensures the softener and other filter systems are protected by filtering contaminants before the water goes into the softener to be softened.
Q: What control meters are compatible with the Fleck AIO Valve?A: The Fleck AIO Valve is available with the Fleck SXT controller only.
Q: How do systems with the Fleck AIO Valve treat iron, manganese, and sulfide?A: The valve utilizes an air injection system to remove iron (ferrous or clear water), manganese, and sulfur from the water via both oxidation and filtration.
Q: What is oxidization?A: Oxidation is the loss of electrons during a reaction by a molecule, atom or ion. In this process a substance is changed because of the addition of oxygen. When an iron object is oxidized, it goes from a strong metal to a red powder.
Q: Are chemicals necessary to reduce contaminants when the Fleck AIO Valve is used?A: No, because it is using the oxidation process to remove contaminants (oxidation).

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